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The problem with PF is that they are competing on who will look foolish the most.Please President Lungu give this man a Ministerial job. Give the man a job, he desperately needs one especially with the revelation of K80,000.00 salary per month for ministers as alleged by Chishimba Kambwili. I saw one of them on TV pretending to be humble and yet when he leaves the arena he is anything but humble. Even then, I doubt The Might God will provide what is being asked for because our political arena is full of i.d.iots. Processing has been stopped, God has just trashed all the goodies from yesterday, as The Might God is upset with this i.diot. God has not even started processing your prayers from yesterday and you’re already back to your factory settings. Yesterday you prayed, today back at the same stage you were before prayers. Zambia was on the right track with the late mwanawasa but these PF people have dununad the country back to HIPIC. "Dr Malama wondered what kind of a leader Mr Hichilema is to leave the country at a time when Zambia is going through a number of challenges". I think it is time for Zambians to teach PFOOLS a lesson come 2021 PF must fall and they should collect their foot steps and never to be remembered again and most of them should be jailed.

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>> " "Only a TONGA can be the best President! I agree with 3.2 the advise was not meant for HH but the President, please Mr President listen to what Dr Malama is saying stop gallivanting around the world. Dr Malama surely that is not you talking. UYU GUMU -GUMU (BLUEHEAD) MALAMA IS REALLY AS DULL AS HE LOOKS. No wonder the president has not appointed this Malama to any ministrial portfolio.His thinking and analysis of issues is lower than that of an embecile. All credit to president lungu for not giving such a retard a ministerial job…. Sharon give your self credit and clean between your legs…….that infested dirty swamp between your legs is affecting your brains….. Prayers will not atone fo self inflicted failure. It is retrogressive to have leaders whom we spent the day praying for and a media which we prayed for to start bringing up such issues few hours after the day of prayers. For such MPs if people prayed to the True God may he face calamities as he has proved to be the curse

It is absolutely not true that Amazon would fire any employee for being pregnant; we are an equal opportunity employer," an Amazon spokeswoman said in a statement. "We work with our employees to accommodate their medical needs including pregnancy-related needs. " This is the coded words in trashing the medical doctor who is speaking the truth about TREE MANSIONS. You who went for prayers before you even say amen you are busy "HH this and that…". We’d talked when she was job-hunting; everyone expected her to be as brash and rude as her email to Banfield when she went to industry mixers or DM’d people about job openings. The gay industry has its own production companies, talent agencies, pay rates, awards shows, etc. Surprisingly, most lesbian & transgender porn is produced by the "straight" porn companies. A talent agency’s one-and-only job is to get you work. So match her. Telling your girlfriend she looks sexy will turn her on, but the way you look at her is what will really get her going. 5.16 billion would still be way above the current annual . "Once a conversation is sparked, they can talk for hours," she said. I don’t believe somebody educated in Scotland can talk like an ignoramu